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One Step Expo website

One Step Expo is a universal service company for international exhibitors in Russia. It provides a full list of things they need to prepare for B2B trade shows. The main purpose of what One Step Expo does is to simplify the process for those, who are not aware of local business procedures enough.


We were asked to design and build a website, that will hold all information about company’s services, experience, past projects, contacts and a form to submit a participation request.

One Step Expo


In order to keep the key brand’s communication the website is styled with contemporary flat minimalist approach. The big blue button on the homepage leads you to “Make an order” page in one step. The form is designed in that way so a user ultimately submits a ready to go brief.

One Step Expo
One Step Expo
One Step Expo
One Step Expo


Art Director: Serge Vasin

Designer: Kirill Burygin

Front-end: Alexander Golubev

Check out the identity project, that we have also designed for the company.

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