Kvartirolog website

Kvartirolog is a unique resource about real estate market in Moscow. It contains detailed information regarding all stages of acquiring apartments of different kind and also interactive widgets which simplify the process to maximum.  


We were asked to design contemporary and simple look and feel of the website pages, interactive widgets, landing pages and to build a user-friendly Moscow Real Estate Manual, which mostly contains lots of text.

Kvartirolog Website


The main visual element that we used is fullscreen background interior photos, covered with semi-transparent layer to concentrate users’ attention on the content. Typographic solution is based on easy readable Open Sans grotesque and classic low-key contrast and sizes to smooth perception of huge amount of text.

Kvartirolog Website
Kvartirolog Website
Kvartirolog Website
Kvartirolog Website


Art Director: Serge Vasin

Designers: Serge Vasin, Maria Tamgina

Project Manager: Igor Ugarov

Back-end: Igor Vorobyev

Front-end: Dmitriy Zherdev

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